Wilbers 630 \ 640

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  • Product Code: 630 \ 640
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Available as Mono & Twin Shocks, the Wilbers 630 and 640 range are the most popular and value for money shocks for those who want a tailored suspension setup of the highest German Quality for a similar cost of tuning your OE equipment.

All Wilbers shocks are custom built to riders weight and needs and come with a standard 5 year warranty, a testament to the products quality.

Standard Specifications:

  • All 630 \ 640 Shocks are built to riders weights & needs (no additional cost)
  • Most will offer a special build height range (eg: -25mm Or +10mm)
  • 630 Shock with 36mm internal bore
  • 640 Shock with 46mm internal bore
  • Rebound dampening adjustment (24 Clicks)
  • Continuously adjustable threaded preload
  • 36mm\46mm Radial Flow piston
  • Teflon coated stainless steel spherical bearings on the upper & lower mounting points
  • All shocks have 5 year warranty & are fully rebuild-able
  • Available in BlueLine or BlackLine colour series

Optional Extras:

  • Hydraulic Preload Unit (10mm range, ideal for two-up)
  • Ride height adjuster
  • NightLine Colour scheme
  • Any choice of spring colour available

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