Wilbers 633 \ 643

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  • Product Code: 633 \ 643
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Available as Mono & Twin Shocks, the Wilbers 643 \ 633 Competition range of shocks are the top of the range performance shocks offering the rider a significant transformation to handling & control and allows complete fine tuning via the three-way adjustment system, suitable for racing\track days and road usage.

The 642 \ 632 range are a Piggy Back Shock which feature an offset pressurized expansion tank adjustable to the body of the shock. All Wilbers shocks are custom built to riders weight and needs and come with a standard 5 year warranty, a testament to the products quality.


  • Three-way adjustable hydraulic shock with separate pressurized expansion tank (Nitrogen gas N2)
  • Offset cylinder head\expansion tank machined from billet 7075 grade alloy and hard anodized
  • All 643 \ 633 Shocks are built to riders weight & needs (no additional cost)
  • Most will offer a special build height at no cost  (eg: -25mm Or +10mm)
  • 633 Shock with 36mm internal bore
  • 643 Shock with 46mm internal bore
  • Three-Way Independent Adjustment
    • Rebound dampening adjustment (24 Clicks)
    • Low-Speed compression (24 Clicks)
    • High-Speed compression (24 Clicks)
  • Continuously adjustable threaded preload
  • 36mm\46mm Radial Flow piston
  • Teflon coated stainless steel spherical bearings on the upper & lower mounting points
  • All shocks have 5 year warranty & are fully rebuild-able
  • Available in BlueLine or BlackLine colour scheme
  • Mono Shock & Twin Shock applications (model specific)

Optional Extras

  • Hydraulic Preload Unit (10mm range, ideal for two-up)
  • Ride height adjuster
  • NightLine colour scheme
  • Any choice of spring colour available

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