Wilbers Fork Springs

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Depending on the application, Wilbers offer progressive or linear fork springs, made of the best and highest quality chrome-silicon steel.

In Touring and Road riding, we usually recommend a progressive fork spring to optimize the response and to increase the breakdown reserves.

For motorsport use we recommend the very light linear chrome silicon fork springs co-developed by the Wilbers motorsport team.

Wilbers Zero Friction Fork Springs:

In vibratory finishing, the springs are machined and located in a vibrating container, the so-called trough vibrator, together with a grinding body specially adapted for this purpose. The oscillations of the container generate a relative movement between the work piece and the grinding wheel and, due to the constant rubbing together, lead to a smoothing of the component surface and at the end of the processing is a fine, shiny surface.

The reduction of the surface roughness means a minimization of the friction = ZERO friction.

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