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Our new ZF by Wilbers fork type 46RR is a fully adjustable 30mm open OR closed cartridge kit equipped complete fork leg assembly.

Manufactured to the high quality expected from Wilbers these complete forks offer:

  • Axle mounts, fender bracket and fork caps are milled of full aluminum
  • All aluminum parts of the 46RR fork are anodized in high-quality titanium color
  • Fork tubes are carbon coated and available in a variety of colour schemes
  • Rebound and compression damping can be set in 10 clicks each; the adjustment range of the
  • Spring Preload adjustment range up to 10mm
  • Available in Wilbers 30mm dia. open cartridge or Wilbers 30mm dia. closed cartridge (pressurised)
  • Read more about the Wilbers 30mm Cartridge Kits on our product listing page here

The Wilbers 46RR forks are built to your weight and riding ability, come with a 2 year warranty, ABE and Wilbers fork cap tool.

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