Wilbers Promoto lowering kits

  • Brand: Wilbers
  • Product Code: 550-000
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If you can not reach the ground properly with your feet, this can quickly lead to damage to man and machine and the consequences of a fall while stopping at the traffic light can be devastating. 

If you are satisfied with your suspension system but need the seat lower, the Wilbers Promoto lowering kit will have your feet firmly on the ground and the machine safely under control at all times!

The lowering kits are fitted to your linkage system and are available in different reduction amounts for most popular models up to 65 mm in some cases.

The conversion is very easy and can be done by yourself or carried out by a mechanic.

The Wilbers TÜV parts certificate and assembly instructions are included with all kits. Please click on the link above to find the Wilbers Promoto lowering kit for your model.

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